Party Package

The Magic Party Place Package is split up into 3 Stages for a total of 2 Hours.

Standard Party---$400

Stage One: Physical Play
25 minutes

You arrive 15 minutes early and give your cake/drinks to your dedicated Staff member. Your items will remain refrigerated until it is time to enjoy them. Then as the children arrive they will meet with your dedicated Party Coordinators and start playing Party Games for 25 minutes!  Watch as your kids play and jump around to our signature Party Games with music. The parents will be able to watch the kids play or sit and catch up with each other.  All of the children will receive prizes for playing the games so that everyone is a Winner!  After 25 minutes the kids will be exhausted and ready to move on to the Magic Show! Your Staff member will then lead you to Stage Two.

Stage Two: Magic Show
45 minutes

One of our famous magicians will entertain your group with a interactive 45 minute magic show. All of ChildTime Magic's shows include comedy, characters, and audience participation. It is important to keep the children laughing and involved in the show from beginning to end. Either they will all help at times or volunteers will come up and assist during the show. During birthday parties the birthday child will always be featured and will feel like the show was just for them! All shows include music from before the show begins to after the show ends. It adds a theatrical experience to the show. In addition, all of the children watching the show will get free items at the end including a self working magic trick! Our Theater is 1000 square feet, plenty of room for all of the kids plus all of the parents to sit comfortably. After the show is over your Staff member will lead you on to Stage Three.

Stage Three: Party Time
45 minutes

Now your guests are moved into another 1000 square foot room to finish out your party. This room is fully decorated with balloons, streamers, and lots of Birthday wishes! The children will sit at tables that are also decorated with a Birthday theme. This is where the kids will enjoy the edible items that you have brought; everything else is provided for you, including plates, forks/spoons, napkins, cups, and even cake cutters! Best of all, when the party is finished and your guests are leaving, you get to leave too! We provide all of the cleaning up for you! How many times have you been stuck with cleaning up your house after the party is over?

NO WHERE else will you get EVERYTHING! You can believe that ChildTime Magic will treat you and your guests with the quality customer service that we have been providing for over 10 years.

BOOK EARLY because we do fill up quickly!

At the Magic Party Place we do not have any minimums or maximums for the children or adults.  Other places do like to add on to the cost of the package when you reach a certain number of kids but we do not believe in that.  However, we do recommend having in between 15 to 25 kids because it will be more manageable for you but will will not charge you more if you have more than 25.


Deluxe Party----$500

With the Deluxe Show you are guaranteed that local celebrity entertainer and author, Louis the Magician, will entertain your group with a interactive 45 minute magic show.   It is this same show that got Louis the Magician awarded "Best Party Entertainer of the Year" by Nickelodeon!  During the Magic Show Louis will use two live animals. Abbott the Rabbit and Jansen the Dove will make a magical appearance. The birthday child will actually make Abbott the Rabbit change into a live bunny!
The birthday child will receive a gift at the end of the party.


Ultimate Party----$500

The Ultimate Party is the same as the Deluxe Party with this exception:

After the magic show is over and the kids return to the Party Room we will make balloon animals for ALL of the kids! One by one the kids will all get to choose an animal to be made into a balloon for them to take home. This will be like having two different live entertainers in ONE party! And, since the kids are already getting something to take home, you use this as a substitute for goodie bags!

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